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Our Mission

Changing lives for good!

Our Purpose

•Be a soul winning station

•Be a place of fellowship, spiritual renewal and restoration

•Provide a quality experience that includes camping, recreation, relaxation, retreat/conferencing which ministers to individuals, families and groups while bringing glory to God

•Provide all of the above in a clean, natural environment which reinforces a message of peace and holiness


Our Beginnings

It all began in 1958 when mission minded David Crane landed in Trinidad with hopes to establish a Christian radio station. Here, he discovered a 30 acre property for sale in the Arouca mountainside. When the acquisition of a radio licence proved unsuccessful, the Cranes, working under The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) organization decided to set up a youth campsite. In 1960 the Victory Heights Bible Camp was birthed.

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The Cranes


Back then campers slept in pitched tents under the moonlit star filled skies. A nearby creek supplied water for baths and swimming! Times have changed, but Victory Heights Bible Camp remains in His service of ‘changing lives for good’, Since its inception, the campsite has hosted tens of thousands of campers. Countless have had their lives changed as they encountered the Saviour or rededicated their lives to God. 

The campsite is presently operated by the Association of Evangelical Bible Churches of Trinidad and Tobago ( Focus is placed on providing a pristine, rustic, eco-friendly and comfortable environment where individuals and churches can continue along the path of spiritual growth and renewal.

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