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Our facilities are equipped with five dormitories which offer sleeping accommodations for up to 290 campers. We can accommodate up to three groups at the same time, each with their own kitchen and meeting place. Rooms are outfitted with bunk beds for campers and special rooms are reserved for Camp Leaders and Directors.

Camping Facilities

Girl’s Dorm, Basketball Dorm, Boy’s Dorm

These three (3) dormitories are located at the heart of the camp and are ideal for a large camping group of up to 183 persons. Each dorm is equipped with sleeping and bathroom facilities. These dorms are booked together and come with the use of the Main Auditorium and Main Kitchen. A Snack Shop is available. Also included are two (2) air conditioned Director Rooms strategically located in the Main Auditorium Area...(read more)

Our northernmost dorm is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the main camping area atop a gentle hill. It comes fully equipped to host a camp of maximum 60 persons. Also included are two air-conditioned director rooms for leaders... (read more)

Bethel Dorm

Pool Villa 

Pool Villa is our smallest self-contained dorm and is located directly west of the pool. All facilities here are fully air-conditioned. Perfect for a small group retreat or conference, it can be booked for overnight camping or a day conference... (read more)

Would you like to rent our entire campsite? The rental comes with all of the above dormitories and our maximum capacity is 290 campers! You can rent it for a minimum of 165 campers.  

Recreational Facilities

At the Victory Heights Bible Camp adventure awaits you with our multiple recreational facilities.


Our clear sparkling salt water 70,000 gallon pool with depths ranging from 3 to 9 feet is perfect for a refreshing escape from a hot day, water sports and relaxing.

Activity Zone

Playing Field

Our playing field equipped with a cricket pitch can be used for any type of field sport or activity!

Reflection & Relaxation

Our huts and shaded open air areas are located in the main area of the campsite. These are perfect for meeting areas, conducting devotions or just relaxing.


Hung under the blooming beautiful Poui Trees, our hammocks provide a shady, soothing escape for relaxation, reading a book, doing a devotional or spending some personal time with God.

Recreational Landscape

Get creative! Our 7 acre main area landscape with its gently sloping hills and valleys blanketed with grass and scattered with lush green trees provide endless opportunities for various activities from the age old hide and go seek to slip and sliding, treasure hunts and picnics!

Off-site hiking and nature trails are available north of the campsite.

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Strategically situated at the heart of the campsite, our activity zone outfitted with a basketball court, swings, monkey bars, volleyball area and seating under the shady ‘Poui Grove’ provides a fun space for a myriad of activities for your group.

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