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Frequently Asked Questions

1) I’m a camper! What should I bring to camp? Here’s a checklist we prepared just for you:

  2 sheets (1 to spread on bed & 1 to cover)

  Pillow and pillow case

  Personal items (clothing, towel, toiletries, sneakers etc.)

  Bible & note pad

  A good attitude!


2) I’m a camp leader/director! What should bring? Here’s a checklist we prepared just for you:

a) Will you be cooking?

    Bring your groceries, food processor, kitchen towels, dish washing liquid & sponges, pot scrubbers.


b) Will you be using Audio-Visual Equipment?

    Bring your speakers, projectors, microphones etc.


c) Are you planning to do sports?

    Bring all your sporting equipment – cricket bats, balls, table tennis rackets etc.


3) May I use the pool? The use of the pool comes with your booking. BUT you must observe the following:

a)Book your pool times with us.

      There may be other groups booked on the facilities. Your pool time has to be scheduled.


b)Provide a lifeguard.

      Pool rules stipulate that a lifeguard must be on duty when you are using the pool. If you do not      

      have a contact for a lifeguard, we will be happy to provide you with one.


c)No night swimming.

      The use of the pool is strictly prohibited beyond 6:30p.m.


4) How can I access entry into the Campsite?

If you are a camper, camper’s relative or authorized visitor related to a camping group, you must contact the leader of your camp. They will provide access.


If you are any other person you must contact the number/s enlisted on the gate.


5) I’m interested in hosting a camp at Victory Heights, but have never visited before. What should I do?

We would like to schedule a site visit for you. Contact us so we can book an available date.

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